Chip Neumann, Midwest Battle Buddies

 "I met Cindy and the Nonprofit Chamber in early 2016 when our organization was going through a complete reconstruction. Cindy was very helpful in keeping me in the right direction as I rebuilt our board and improved our presence in the community. I have benefited greatly from the Executive Director Survival Series, Board University Series, Your Leadership Edge at KLC, and am very excited about participating in the Emerge and Lead program. I cannot stress enough if you have or are starting a non profit this organization will be of great benefit to you!" 


Kevin Fish, The Arc of Sedgwick County

 "The Nonprofit Chamber of Service was a tremendous support and resource when I moved into my position of Executive Director.  As an organization we were growing and evolving and it was wonderful to have so many opportunities available to assist us along the way.  The vast array of sessions provided expert knowledge on a variety of topics.  There are sessions specifically for nonprofit leaders, board members, leadership teams and those wanting to move up within organizations.  The networking opportunities were wonderful to not only build a support network, but also unique collaborations.

Whether you are new to the nonprofit world or have extensive experiences there is much the Nonprofit Chamber can offer.  The organization is always looking to evolve to meet the changing needs of its members which is greatly appreciated." 


Brenda Bandy, Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition

 "The Nonprofit Chamber of Service has meant a lot to me. When I first went to my first ED Survival Series meetings I was just blown away by the knowledge and passion in the room. I work from home, and I had no idea that other Executive Directors struggled with some of the same things I did, so it felt like an instant support group. Then I met Cindy and realized there was a wealth of knowledge, and that she had the answer or the resources for a lot of our challenges in our growing nonprofit. It seemed like a match made in heaven. I've continued to stay engaged because they continue to roll out education opportunities, like this Emerge & Lead that I'm involved in right now, as well as the Board University series. We have found all of those to be extremely helpful, so our membership has been a great investment, as has been my time and all of the events that I have intended. I just want to thank the Nonprofit Chamber for being here, and we look forward to continuing our participation." 


Colin McKenney, Starkey

 "I greatly appreciate the quality of the trainings, conferences and other special events that are made available by the Nonprofit Chamber of Service each year, however the greatest value for me is being part of a regional nonprofit network. The relationships I have gained as a member of this association have helped connect me to a diverse community of mission-driven organizations that I may have otherwise been unaware of, and most certainly would not have had a connection with." 

Paula Downs, WSU Public Policy & Management Center

 ​"The Public Policy and Management Center are members of the Nonprofit Chamber of Service because we share a mission to provide public service across Kansas, but also because we value the connections and networking with nonprofits.  We want to connect to the knowledge and resources shared among members." 

Amy Lash Esau, Kansas Youth Science & Technology Foundation

 ​"I became involved with the Nonprofit Chamber of Service because my husband and I started a non-profit in August 2017. While I had executive leadership experience in higher education, I had a lot to learn about leading a non-profit. The workshops and social networking events were really helpful in helping me learn about many aspects involved with leadership of a non-profit and working with a board. Cindy genuinely cares and is excited about our success as a non-profit. She also supported and encouraged me personally as I engaged in a job search within the non-profit industry. The Nonprofit Chamber is definitely a gem in Wichita." 

Karen Schmidt, Wichita Women's Initiative Network

 "The Nonprofit Chamber of Service is a great support. When I had an issue and needed an objective person to discuss it with, Cindy Miles was more than willing to sit down with me. She took the time to listen to me and then provided constructive feedback and guidance. I left feeling very supported and empowered. It was very helpful!

Our board of directors participated in several of the Board University trainings and found them very helpful. The topics were educational and spot on for our needs. It’s great that the Nonprofit Chamber of Service exists and is able to provide our community volunteers, specifically board members, with opportunities to learn and meet board members from other organizations."